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Simplify your H&S obligations by going digital. Site App Pro can handle most of the work for you so you can get on with doing what you do best. 


We’ve built Site App Pro to make life simpler. Whether you're by yourself, in a small team or part of a larger organisation, it can help you sort and manage your H&S paperwork, fill out forms on your smartphone, build live registers of assets, people and suppliers, stay on top of equipment maintenance and certifications renewal, and more.


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Keep on top of your H&S paperwork

At its core, Site App Pro is about taking the ‘paper’ out of H&S paperwork. We want you to spend less time worrying about losing paperwork and more time doing what you do best.

The app comes built-in with a full range of common forms, checklists and audits so you don’t need to spend time finding the paperwork you need for the day. Or, if you have unique requirements and you want a form that isn’t there, our drag-and-drop form builder ensures that it’ll take only seconds to compile a new one.

When it comes time to fill everything out, this is a task you can complete on the go with your phone. Add voice notes if you’d prefer not to type, attach photographic evidence, and tag other people where applicable. All completed forms and assessments are stored safely forever in the Site App Pro desktop admin console, for your permanent record and in case you ever need them again.

Worried about spotty cell service? The app also works offline.

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Maintain the highest levels of equipment safety

Equipment safety is hugely important. But staying on top of maintenance, testing and tagging, inspections, warranties, and documentation can be difficult. Here’s where Site App Pro comes in.

The app can help you compile a full asset register for all of your vehicles, equipment and plant where relevant. Input serial numbers, maintenance frequency intervals, important thresholds and more. When maintenance is due, the app will send you a push notification or email to remind you to take care of it.

Need the manual or an important piece of equipment documentation? Upload these to Site App Pro so they are held in the same place as the rest of your asset details.

All of your permits and certifications are in one place 

When it comes to yourself and your people, there are many more details you need to track. Site App Pro will help you manage vital information and resources here as well.

Just like you would for assets, you can build a live register of your people, whether you’re part of a small team or a very large one. Contact details, emergency contact information and training histories can all be recorded here, and the app will also track who has been assigned to recent corrective actions - allowing you to maintain visibility of important tasks and check-in to see if they’ve been completed.

If you or any of your team need a special certification or permit to perform a task, upload these documents to the app too. This will keep all the details you could want in one convenient location, and if anything is due to expire soon, the app will send you a warning.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Site App Pro?

Site App Pro is a digital health and safety solution. 

It comprises of 2 parts:

  • A mobile app (iOS & Android) which is used to record health and safety information.
  • A web-based ‘Administration’ console. This is used for managing your health and safety and viewing reports.

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How do I get started using Site App Pro?

Getting started is easy! You can do one of the following:

Free Trial

You can jump in and do a free 14 day trial. Our set-up wizard guides you through a number of easy to answer questions about your construction business. This usually takes around 15 minutes to complete. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the information to hand as you can re-run the ‘wizard’ at any time. Once the wizard is completed, this becomes your health and safety plan. The trial allows you to try Site App Pro in your business. The trial version has all the software features apart from ‘Reports’.

Online Demo

You can also request an online demo. Our online demos are done one on one using Zoom. When you request a ‘demo’ one of our friendly staff will be in touch and will set up a time of your choosing to have a 15 minute run through the software. This option is great if like many of us you are not a ‘tech-geek'. It gives you a chance to get immediate answers to all your questions and see the software in action.

Next Steps

Once you are happy ‘it does what it says on the box', it's time to choose a payment plan and enter your credit card details. Remember there are no set-up costs, contracts, or hidden costs.

You can pay monthly or annually. Our annual plan does commit you to a year as you are paying upfront, but you will get a substantial discount. Check out our pricing plans for details.

What if I need help?

We are extremely proud of our support team. They are responsive, friendly, and are a key part of our success. With a 100% approval rating, what else is there to say.

Support can be accessed in the following ways:

  • You can email
  • You can visit our knowledge base at Our knowledge base contains a wealth of common questions and issues as well as videos and ‘how-to’ articles.
  • We also have a ‘help bot’ in the administration console. You will find it on the bottom right-hand side.