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Create and use Risk Assessment Forms Without the Paperwork


Risk assessments can make the difference between a safe job site and an unsafe one. Site App Pro has made it easy to create risk assessment forms, and use them on site.


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Risk assessment and hazard


Easy drag-and-drop form builder.

With our drag-and-drop form builder, Site App Pro admin console users can very quickly build custom risk assessment forms to suit their unique requirements. To make things even faster, we’ve pre-loaded all of the most common hazards a job site might face, allowing you to quickly tick or untick hazards as relevant to your work - or add your own custom options if you need the specificity.

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Quickly fill out forms via mobile app.

At any point when filling out a risk assessment with the Site App Pro mobile app, users can also assign corrective actions, notify the relevant individuals, and identify whether the action is a low, medium or high priority. This will then inform the individual, who can access the original assessment form and fill out a new one as required - with all completed forms stored digitally, to be accessed at any point by administrators.


Add photos to provide evidence without leaving the app.

In the event that you require photographic evidence for your records, snap a quick picture with your mobile device and attach it to the applicable form. This will store both the form and evidence together, securely, forever.

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All completed forms stored digitally and securely.

All forms filled out via the Site App Pro mobile app are automatically uploaded to the desktop admin console for safe and secure storage. You can access past forms at any time, check which team members are assigned to which corrective actions, and gather data on form completion rates to hunt for red flags. In the event that you lose internet access while on the job, don't worry! The app will upload your forms the moment you reconnect.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Site App Pro?

Site App Pro is a digital health and safety solution. 

It comprises of 2 parts:

  • A mobile app (iOS & Android) which is used to record health and safety information.
  • A web-based ‘Administration’ console. This is used for managing your health and safety and viewing reports.

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How do I get started using Site App Pro?

Getting started is easy! You can do one of the following:

Free Trial

You can jump in and do a free 14 day trial. Our set-up wizard guides you through a number of easy to answer questions about your construction business. This usually takes around 15 minutes to complete. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the information to hand as you can re-run the ‘wizard’ at any time. Once the wizard is completed, this becomes your health and safety plan. The trial allows you to try Site App Pro in your business. The trial version has all the software features apart from ‘Reports’.

Online Demo

You can also request an online demo. Our online demos are done one on one using Zoom. When you request a ‘demo’ one of our friendly staff will be in touch and will set up a time of your choosing to have a 15 minute run through the software. This option is great if like many of us you are not a ‘tech-geek'. It gives you a chance to get immediate answers to all your questions and see the software in action.

Next Steps

Once you are happy ‘it does what it says on the box', it's time to choose a payment plan and enter your credit card details. Remember there are no set-up costs, contracts, or hidden costs.

You can pay monthly or annually. Our annual plan does commit you to a year as you are paying upfront, but you will get a substantial discount. Check out our pricing plans for details.

What if I need help?

We are extremely proud of our support team. They are responsive, friendly, and are a key part of our success. With a 100% approval rating, what else is there to say.

Support can be accessed in the following ways:

  • You can email
  • You can visit our knowledge base at Our knowledge base contains a wealth of common questions and issues as well as videos and ‘how-to’ articles.
  • We also have a ‘help bot’ in the administration console. You will find it on the bottom right-hand side.